PENELOPE is an alternative hard rock band with a catchy modern twist, from the heart of Amsterdam. Driven by powerful riffs, intense and dynamic vocals, heavy drums and bass and exciting samples.

Their single Constant Overload is their newest release.

They just lifted off again at the beginning of 2020, gearing up with their newest band member Jeroen Jaquet, the “beat machine” on drums. Vicky van Zijl (vocals) and Allard Zwemstra (guitar) the core of the creative team and song writers kept writing and recording together in their studio with Mauricio Guerra Lopez (bass) and Lars Florijn (sound engineer)


PENELOPE it is the name of Vicky’s mother. In Greek mythology: Penelope, the wife of Odysseus, remained true to him during his long absence despite the importunities of many suitors.


Constant Overload, the first single of their upcoming album OneOFive

The single is about the overload of social media, opinions, misinformation and pressure of all sorts.

The album title comes from the address of their main studio in the city-centre of Amsterdam, where they write and record their music.

Produced by: Allard Zwemstra

Mixed by: Oscar Holleman at RS29, award-winner producer (Within Temptation, Kovacs) 

Mastered by: Attie Bauw (Judas Priest, Scorpions) at Bauwhaus, Amsterdam

Vocals, guitar, samples recorded by: Allard Zwemstra, studio One0Five, Amsterdam

Drums recorded by: Niek Driesschen at Ductape Studio, Rotterdam

Bass recorded by Lars Florijn at Lain Barbier’s studio het Droombankje, Arnhem

The music video of the first single Constant Overload is directed, filmed and edited by Merlijn Verboom, and was shot at Baroeg Rotterdam.

RVP Records


The bands individual backgrounds are diverse:

Vicky has been on stage since the age of 4, and when she hit puberty she started singing in a rock band. Singing and performing has always been her way not only to survive but to express herself creatively. She worked her way through venues and theatres in Europe, not only in rock bands but also in various cult musicals like “The Rocky Horror Show”, “Tommy”, “Dance of the Vampires” and “Barbarella” etc.




Back in Amsterdam she met Allard and they immediately clicked in volume and intensity. Together they finally found their perfect fit.


Allard started out on the alto violin, heard AC/DC and never went back. He got on the bandwagon, touring through Europe at the age of 15, playing everything from punk rock through jazz. In these touring bands, Allard always lead with his great songwriting talent. With international bands like “Headcrash” and “End of April”,  Allard`s passion for creating heavy guitar riffs really got showcased.

Mauricio was born in Chili and played Cueca on pots and pans along with his father. After they moved to The Netherlands, he picked up other music styles together with the Moluccan community. He played the drums for Caz, and Dilana Smith, and he is also a mean guitarist.

Jeroen has been behind the drum kit since he was 12, and became the backbone of the emo-core heartthrobs San Andreas, leaving his sweat all over the world. He also played in post-hardcore and sleaze punk bands like Jacklust. In the meantime he also sang vocals and played keyboards for the renowned singer Ella Bandita.

Lars found his love for music through his Dad. As a kid he always went to see him play and then picked up the guitar himself and later the bass. He got infatuated with heavier music, but it was whilst he was in L.A, he saw the light and decided to pursue his interest in sound engineering. 


Line up

Vicky van Zijl : Vocals

Allard Zwemstra : Guitar/Keys/Samples

Mauricio Guerra Lopez : Bass

Jeroen Jaquet : Drums

Lars Florijn : Sound (live-engineer)




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